Information to Support your Application

Before we can begin the mortgage application process, your Mortgage Adviser will request documentation from you to verify your name, address and income, to ensure that we are recommending the right rate and lender, based on your circumstances. 

Any documents or information we request can also be used by your lender as part of the application process, as most will require supporting documentation and information, in order to complete a full review of your application. 

Here is a guide as to what your Mortgage Adviser may request, by collating this information at the start, you will be giving yourself an excellent chance of having a mortgage offer issued quickly and therefore meeting your agreed exchange deadline. 

For proof of name identification, please provide one of the following:

  • Current valid passport
  • Current full driving license

If you are unable to provide one of the above, then please inform your Mortgage Adviser as there will be other forms we can accept, but we will have to be guided by the lender we are placing you with.

For proof of address identification, you will need to provide one document, which confirms your name and current address, there will also be a time period in which the document needs to have been issued in order to be acceptable.  Please see below: 

Dated within the last 3 months:

  • Bank Statement
  • A utility bill (Please note that some mortgage lenders do not accept a Water Bill)

Dated within the last 12 months:

  • Annual mortgage statement
  • Council Tax Bill

If you are unable to provide one of the above, then please inform your Mortgage Adviser as there will be other forms we can accept, but we will have to be guided by the lender we are placing you with.

Your Mortgage Adviser and lender will need to verify any declared income, below are what would typically be requested:

How often you get paid Number of payslips we will ask for
Every week Most recent 13 payslips
Every four weeks Most recent 4 payslips
Every month Most recent 3 payslips

Self Employed Income:

We will require a copy of your latest two years Tax Calculations and the accompanying Tax Year Overviews.

If you use HMRC’s online services to submit your return:

  1. Log into your HMRC online account
  2. Go to ‘Self-Assessment’
  3. Then go to ‘More Self-Assessment details’ to access your Tax Calculations and Tax Year Overviews

If you or your accountant uses commercial software to submit your return: 

You will need to use the commercial software to print your Tax Calculation.  Please note that it may be known as something different in the software, i.e. ‘Tax Computation’

To print the Tax Year Overview, you will either need to log into your HMRC online account, or contact HMRC directly to request that these are sent to you.

Important Note:

Evidencing income isn’t a one size fits all, so if you have additional income, a second job, or another income source, then your Mortgage Adviser will confirm the documents you need to provide, in accordance with our own Regulatory needs and the lender’s criteria.

You will need to provide your latest three months’ consecutive bank statements to evidence both your income and outgoing commitments and spends.  If you have separate accounts for your income and outgoing commitments, then please provide statements for both accounts.

The statements must include:

  • Your full name or your initials and surname
  • Your current address
  • Your bank’s name
  • The account number and sort code
  • Your salary being credited into your account
  • Your monthly commitments and/or bills being paid out


In addition to your everyday account, you may also need to provide your business bank statements to support your Tax Return Documents, but your Mortgage Adviser will confirm if these are required and also how many months will need to be provided.

To avoid any potential shortfall in lending, once the lender has reviewed the application and supporting documentation, it is important that prior to submitting your application you inform your Mortgage Adviser if you have one or more of the following:

  • Secured or Unsecured Loans
  • Credit Cards, even if these are cleared on a monthly basis
  • Any Car Finance, including Hire Purchase, Leasing or Personal Contract Purchase (PCP)
  • Hire Purchase for anything other than the above
  • Loans which have been set up as Buy Now Pay Later

All of the above will show the credit check run by your lender, so if you make your Mortgage Adviser aware at the start, this will avoid any potential delay in the issuing of the mortgage offer, which could impact on whether you are able to exchange contracts by the agreed date

Your Mortgage Adviser will require the following for each commitment you have:

  • Name of the Provider
  • The monthly payment
  • The outstanding balance at the time of the application to the lender
  • The Loan / Hire Purchase / Lease / PCP end date

You will be requested to evidence the source of funds being used towards your deposit.  Below is an example of what could be requested: 

Source of Deposit What we would require
Savings A bank or savings statement, showing your name, account number and the full deposit amount
A Gift from family If your deposit is a gift from family, we will require either a letter from the person gifting the monies or they will need to complete the mortgage lenders specific gifted deposit form (your Mortgage Adviser will confirm which one is required)
Equity from the sale of your property A copy of your memorandum of sale for the property being sold, along with your most recent mortgage statement

As part of the mortgage application you Mortgage Adviser may request card details to pay any upfront fees and also details of the bank account you wish your mortgage payments to be taken from, once completion has taken place.

A lot of the information to support your application will be collected by your Mortgage Adviser over the phone, however what is the quickest way to send them your supporting documentation?

Our preferred method is via email, as this is the quickest way of receiving your documents and your Mortgage Adviser will confirm which email address to send these through to.  Any documents which are emailed to us need to be in PDF format.

Online Documents:

The majority of online Pay Roll Portals, Banks, Building Societies and Utility companies will allow you to download the required documents and save as a PDF or provide the option to ‘Print to PDF’ or ‘Microsoft Print to PDF’

Paper Documents:

If you do not have access to a scanner, you do have the option to scan using your smart phone’s camera.

  • On an IPhone, the scanner option can be accessed via the camera option in the Notes App
  • On an Android phone, the scanner option is accessed via the Google Drive App
  • If you don’t have access to either of these options, then you can download a free scanner app such as Tiny Scanner or CamScanner, both of these will allow you to scan a document via your camera and save it as a PDF document on your phone.

If you do not have access to a printer or scanner, then you can post your documents to our Head Office Address:

Mortgage Bureau
Suite 2A
St Davids Court
West Midlands

Please note that this is just a basic guide, as your lender could request additional documentation in accordance with their own criteria or your personal circumstance.

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